Let PCMS’ professional in-house coders assist you with your coding needs. The key to efficient and responsible medical billing lies in the accuracy of coding the treatment(s) and the condition or diagnosis of the patient. Proper coding ensures maximum and timely reimbursement.

The need for medical billing professionals is growing, due to the implementation of the ICD-10 diagnosis codes. There will be a dramatic change to the medical billing codes. Currently, with ICD-9, you are working with approximately 14,000 diagnosis codes. Soon, there will be approximately 70,000 diagnosis codes, to comprehend and accurately choose from. The comparison chart below is from the CDC website:

icd differences You do not want to be playing catch-up when ICD-10 rolls out on October, 2015. We are ready for the change right now. There will be no down time to figure out the new system. PCMS has submitted “TEST CLAIMS” to MEDICARE and ALL claims were ACCEPTED. The time and energy has already been invested to provide our clients with accurate and efficient billing before, during and after the transition.